A Summer State of Mind

June 07, 2013

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for summer. Maybe not the hot, sticky part, but certainly the no-alarm-clock or school-schedule aspects. Even though I work at home and for myself, summertime always seems a little more laid back and relaxed. I know summer doesn’t technically start until June 21, but it’s summer here already, especially in my mind. Here are a few things I’m doing to savor the simple pleasures and everyday adventures of summer:
  • Compiling a summer reading list.
  • Tweaking my weekly schedule to allow for more reading-on-a-chaise and baseball-game-watching time.
  • Changing the slipcover on the couch from winter to summer.
  • Finding someplace indoors to get a cardio workout. Probably won’t be walking our fitness trail much until October!
  • Scheduling a pedicure.
  • Checking our hurricane supplies (Tropical Storm Andrea drenched us yesterday).
  • Plotting a weekend getaway to the beach with another family.
  • Looking for a day game in the Tampa Bay Rays schedule. There’s something so decadent about going to a baseball game in the middle of the week during work hours! 
What about you? Do you find you have a more laid-back state of mind during the summer months? Do you do anything special or different during summer? Please share.

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  1. I think the main difference for me is that I spend even more time indoors in the summer than I do during the rest of the year, because I really don't tolerate the heat very well. We usually take a vacation in the summer to escape the heat, but we aren't doing that this year. We've done a lot of traveling already this year, but our next trip isn't until the fall, when we go to New England to see the leaves.

  2. As much as I complain about summer in Nebraska, I at least don't have to add hurricane supplies to my shopping lists! :) I am ready for summer, too, though also not the hot and sticky part. It has been unseasonably cool here and I am not complaining--as it surely won't last! :) I'm looking forward to seeing what is on your summer reading list. And I hope you get in some good lounging times. I don't really have any plans for the summer--it's all just more of the same though work is more laid back as fewer students are on campus. It's just nice to have those long days--lots of sunshine! And I will have San Francisco to look forward to in October--it feels so far off but it will come sooner than I think. And it will be nice to have something still to look forward to after summer has ended! Have a great weekend!

  3. That all sounds so great! I wish that we still got to watch baseball, but we can't get Mariner's games here without adding or changing to DISH. We just watch who is on, mainly American League.

    Your plans sound wonderful! I am really excited about summer being here too. One thing about working in the preschool is that we get to spend time outdoors, so I am already getting a tan.

    I am back to "living for the weekend" and can't wait to go camping. Next weekend we are going to Washington to watch our grandson graduate, and will probably do something else fun on the way home.

    Glad that you have so many reading plans! I do that when I am watching t.v. (and watching baseball too!) so I get in some reading everyday.

    Glad that you didn't get serious damage from the latest hurricane.

    Kathy M.

  4. Cheryl--I stay indoors more, too, because of the humidity and heat here in the summer. Seems counterintuitive for summer, but that's how it is in these hot, hot states!

    I've always wanted to take a trip to see the leaves change--in fact, that may be what we do this fall as a belated anniversary celebration. It's still hot here at that time of year, so it would be a nice break from that, too. Where do you think you'll go?

  5. Danielle--There is something that feels more laid back about summer, no doubt. I do like the extra sunshine of the long days, even though it means more heat. It's nice that you have San Francisco to look forward to and plan for. We might take a trip in the fall, too, after our son goes to college.

    I'm working on the reading list (funny, it's growing longer, and longer, and impossibly longer...)and will probably post it next week.

  6. Kathy--No baseball? I'm used to it now, and I would miss rooting for my home team. (Of course, I'd probably also get used to not having it on, as well...) It sounds like you have some fun summer plans in store. Have you taken little J.D. camping yet?

    Is the preschool open in the summer, too? That will keep you busy as well.