Random Monday Musings

February 25, 2013

So how is everyone? I feel like I’m just getting back into my routines after last week’s jaunt to Texas to see my friends. My thoughts are still flying here and there until I can capture them and put them into some sort of organized pattern. I think I’ll use today’s blog post to clear out a few of those random thoughts…

I do not like reading a long book on a tablet. Apparently, I need a visual way to see that I’m making progress, and the backlighting on my tablet bothers my eyes after a while. I seem only to be able to read a few pages before my hands get tired of holding the tablet and my eyes feel dazzled, even though I’ve already turned the illumination down as low as possible. Perhaps I should wear my sunglasses?

It’s just wrong to be sunburned, hot and sweaty in February. That’s what happened to us this weekend at our son’s track meet.

That's my boy.
Few things make me feel more cheated than waking up six minutes before my alarm is due to go off in the morning.

Watching shows like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives after dinner is not a good idea unless you need to gain 15 pounds. I’m just sayin’.

I do not recommend watching the movie Flight before, well, flying. If there’s any turbulence at all, you will be convinced a part of the plane is about to snap off. I speak from sad experience.

I do recommend getting together with old friends for a weekend of revelry and confession. Thank you Kerri, Brynda, Becky, LuAnne and Melodie for being my friends!

It’s good to go away, but it’s great to come home. I always appreciate the comfort of my home more when I’ve been away for a few days.

What’s new with you? What have you been thinking about lately?

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  1. I enjoyed seeing Nick's high jump pictures!!
    Mary Lynn

  2. Mary Lynn--Thanks for stopping by to visit. It's fun to watch him jump--I can't believe how he flings himself around. :)

  3. Ah... love to hear the random thoughts about your weekend. Fun to see a picture of your son competing. Exciting times!

    I'm still trying to get myself jump-started for 2013. So many things I want to do.... so many choices, but only so many hours in each day!

  4. Claire--I know just how you feel: so many things to do, many of them truly enjoyable, and I get stuck because I can't decide what to do! Not a bad problem to have.

  5. I'm so glad that you had fun with your friends! Great pictures of Nick in action too.

    I don't read books online. I just love having hard-copies to hold and, yes, smell.

    What have I been thinking about? Lots of stuff.

    Kathy M.

  6. Interesting variety of thoughts today. I feel differently about alarm clocks (which I rarely use anymore). I hate being awakened by the alarm (it's so jarring) so I actually prefer to wake up before the it goes off. What I really hate is when my husband is going hunting and the alarm goes off - at 5:15 am or some such time! Glad you had a fun time with your friends - everyone deserves a weekend like that!

  7. Kathy--I much prefer paper books over ebooks--the whole reading experience is so much better for me. My husband is the opposite, though, so I guess to each his or her own!

  8. Cheryl--I know what you mean about the alarm clock--I actually have an old clock radio that wakes me up with music. Much better than an actual alarm.

    I hate it when my husband had to get up before I do, but I have to set the alarm and wake him up since it's on my side of the bed! Gotta do something about that!

  9. Haha...cute post! (I'm old school too...and need a book with pages.)

  10. Thanks, Kelly. I much prefer paper pages over screen pages!