Sweet 16

February 18, 2011

Today is Tank’s 16th birthday, though as a registered Quarter Horse, he “officially” turned 16 on Jan. 1. Tank and Frenchy, another horse at our barn, share a birthday and we always have a special celebration for them and the horses of our friends. The birthday party will take place next week, but here are some photos from past years:




Glory--notice the stylish tiara

It may seem ridiculous to throw a birthday party for horses—and in the scheme of “serious life,” it is. They don’t know or care what a birthday is—but, hey, someone is handing out molasses cake and carrots, how can I get some? They’re very focused that way.

We obviously don’t celebrate the horses’ birthdays for the horses. We do it because we look for excuses to celebrate, to share food (because there is yummy food for humans at these parties, too) and laughter. It’s one of my favorite simple pleasures.

How did you celebrate today?

Happy birthday, Tank!

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  1. Happy Birthday Tank! He may not know it's his birthday but I bet anything he does know he's loved!

    That last photo of him is really something. He's got such a great expression.

  2. Thanks, Timaree--I'll pass on your birthday wishes to him! He is quite spoiled, but has a very sweet and gentle personality, and what is known as a "kind eye."

  3. Haha...I LOVE the carrot candles. We look for any excuse at all to celebrate a birthday...a horse's birthday fits the bill! (I celebrated today because the Red-winged Blackbirds flew in last night and are in our backyard now...that means SPRING is near!)

  4. I agree with you - this 16th birthday is something to celebrate. I love your creative cake too!! Happy Birthday!!

  5. Kelly--Redwing blackbirds are indeed cause for a celebration!

  6. Claire--Thanks for the birthday wishes--I'll pass them on to the birthday boy!

  7. What lovely animals! It may seem frivolous to celebrate a birthday like that, but really I think how a person treats an animal says a lot about the person--love and kindness and respect surely show through in other aspects of your life as well. It sounds like fun and any reason so get together and celebrate a little can only be a good thing in my book!

  8. Thank you, Danielle. I agree--how people treat animals (and children) says a lot about their level of kindness in my book, also.

  9. Hmmmm, this gives new meaning to the term "party animal"....now, does it apply to you or to Tank?!!!!

    Happy day(s) to you and your boy!

  10. Laure--Ha! I think it applies to both of us :)

  11. How ADORABLE! Love the cake and the "excuse" to throw a party! Happy birthday, Tank!