Get the Hose

January 21, 2011

I had a couple of blog post possibilities in the works for today--but after I arrived at the barn this morning to find this:

I began to rethink my day.  I have never seen Tank so dirty before in all the time I've had him.

Apparently, he felt the need for a mud bath. 

And he still had his breakfast on his face (the brown stuff on his nose is bran mash).

Fortunately, it was warm enough today to hose him off instead of curry and brush all that mud and sand off him.


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  1. I hear mud baths are very therapeutic!!!

  2. Perhaps Tank is asking for another spa day?!

  3. I didn't know horses did this. I think it might be better than when my German Shorthair Pointer goes outside the fence and finds fresh cow poo to roll in!

  4. Timaree--Dogs are the worst for rolling in things! The stinkier the better. At least Tank was just dirty, not smelly--unless you don't like the smell of horse (but I do)!