Someday Isle

September 27, 2010

Have you ever been to Someday Isle? Maybe you find yourself taking up residence now and then—I know I do. Someday Isle is a wonderful place—there is always enough time and enough money to do just what you want to do. On Someday Isle my desires are just as important as everyone else’s. I can follow a dream and not worry about what that will mean for anyone else. (I don’t have to do laundry on Someday Isle, either.)

I visit Someday Isle every time I say, “Someday, I’ll…”

“Someday, I’ll” can keep you going when things are tough, give you hope for the future. There can be many excellent reasons why you’ll do whatever-it-is “someday.” There really are times when personal responsibilities and lack of time or money will keep you from your dreams. But not always. The trick is knowing when “someday, I’ll…” is a cop-out and when it’s legit. Usually, what’s stopping me is an issue with time or money, but occasionally it’s fear or guilt.

That’s right: sometimes actually getting what you want brings up some negative emotions. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Greece for two weeks. I have always wanted to visit Greece, my husband said to go for it, and we had the money to afford the group fare. I had a traveling companion, my mother-in-law, who had brought the trip to my attention in the first place. I hesitated—I hadn’t traveled overseas in years, I didn’t know anyone else in the group besides my mother-in-law, I would have to renew my passport, and figure out what to pack and make plans for keeping things running on the home front while I was gone. I felt guilty about spending that much money just on myself. Life had given me a beautiful gift, and I was afraid to take it. Thankfully, I didn’t let any of my apprehensions get the better of me. I went and I had the time of my life. I think about that trip often and the good feelings remain with me to this day.

Of course, that doesn’t’ mean the words “someday, I’ll” don’t still frequently come out of my mouth. I have a file folder labeled “Someday” filled with clippings of things I want to do or experience…“someday.” There are also plenty of things I want to do with my horse “someday” and there’s that book I want to write “someday….” Well, you get the picture.

What are some of your “someday, I’ll”s? Do you really have to wait for someday? If so, what can you do right now to bring someday closer?

Someday Isle?

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  1. One of my "someday I'll"s is going to Greece - so it's interesting to me that you mentioned that as something you were almost afraid to do but did anyway. I want to visit with you about your trip - maybe you can help me plan mine!!

  2. I would be so happy to discuss your trip to Greece! I loved it so much. The picture in the blog post is actually the caldera at Santorini. When do you plan to go?

  3. Great post, Kathy. "Someday" is probably responsible for the death of more dreams than anything else. I need a sign that says TODAY! over my computer/art table.

    Hmmmm... you've got me thinking... I just may do that!


    P.S. Congrats on the new car... NICE!

  4. Thanks, Teresa! That TODAY sign is a great idea. Might have to put one up on my desk.

  5. I have started a journal planning out how I would decorate and live in a tiny house (very tine at 130 sq. ft.) from Why is it a someday idea? Because I have a husband who doesn't want to scale down like that making it truly an impossibility right now but I can always dream and if the time is ever right, I'll be ready. I just found out yesterday one of my sisters is also dreaming of a new, smaller home for "someday".

  6. How lucky of you to go to Greece! At least you can check that one off of your list. And no matter if all of your other dreams come true, because if they did then we'd have nothing else to wish for.

    One of my dreams is traveling through Europe as well. One day... one day...

  7. It sounds like a wonderful trip, and I'm so glad you went for it! Someday I'd like to take a cruise to Alaska...I've heard they are so unique. Ah yes...time and money - hard to get them both in the same place sometimes!

  8. Freebird--that's an interesting "someday"! I'll have to check out that Web site. It would certainly simplify daily living once you got it organized. Maybe you and your sister can have a family compound of tiny houses someday!

  9. Krista--It is nice to have dreams to look forward to...and I have no shortage of those either. I hope your someday dream of visiting Europe comes true for you. (Hope you're feeling better, too.)

  10. Elizabeth--So true--havingtime and money together is the trick! Going on an Alaskan cruise was one of my husband's dreams. When we sold our business, he rewarded himself with one. It was amazing, except for the fact that the three of us contracted Norovirus and were quite sick (and confined to our cabin) for a couple of days. We want to go back someday and see more of the state.