I Read It on a Tea Bag

September 23, 2010

I have a friend who receives messages from the universe from fortune cookie fortunes. (Don’t laugh—some of those sayings are pretty profound.) I myself recently received a message from the tag on a tea bag: "When God made time, He made enough of it."

Sometimes messages that resonate or inspire come from unusual places—and that’s OK. “If you need the messenger to help lend credibility, that’s fine, just don’t be too quick to judge before you listen to the words,” writes Yaro Starak in “2009 in Review: Did You Focus On What You Really Wanted?” He continues, “Far too many people miss out on potentially life-changing insights because they refuse to take on ideas simply because of where the information is coming from. If something challenges your way of thinking, don’t reject it on principle, keep your eyes and mind open, listen to the words, see how what is being said can fit into your world view, and grow from there. You don’t have to like or even trust the messenger to benefit from the message.”

I read (more than) my share of self-help books, and I’ve learned a lot from them. But sometimes, a line or two from an unexpected source sticks in my head, like:

“I might as well be myself. Everyone else is taken,” director Oliver Stone.

“Sometimes you have to let go so new things can come in,” blogger and author Laurie Perry (http://www.crazyauntpurl.com/), Aug. 1, 2007 post.

And last but not least, “Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one,” Dr. Seuss.

What are your unusual sources of inspiration? Take inspiration whenever and wherever it comes from—and pass it on!

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  1. Several thought-provoking quotes there Kathy.

  2. I love your tea bag quote!! I just copied it and the others into one of my 'quote' files on the computer. I love to collect quotes from all sorts of sources and I scribble them on any scrap of paper that I can find. Later I'll either write them in one of my blank journal 'quote books' or I'll put them in one of my 'quote files' on the computer. I just love 'words'!

    I appreciate the longer quote and your words as a challenge to consider words that I don't initially see as meant for me -- to hold on to them just a little longer and see if they are trying to tell me something.

    Thanks for your insight!

  3. I love all of those quotes - but especially the one From Dr. Seuss!

  4. I don't really collect quotes, but there are a few sayings I'm fond of: "Hope is Faith holding your hand in the dark", and "Close enough is good enough".

    I had to laugh at the tea bag comment. When reading fortune cookies, the common joke is to always add the words "in bed" at the end of the fortune. It makes for some really funny lines.

  5. Cheryl--I love thought-provoking quotes--can you tell? They are like little morsels of wisdom to roll around in my mind.

  6. Claire--I salute you, fellow word lover! I do the same thing. I have a file on my computer labeled quotes, a bunch of 3 x 5 cards with quotes on them, etc., etc. You should write a blog post with some of your favorite quotes someday! I'll be sure to read it.

  7. Elizabeth--His quote is quite simple, but certainly profound. It's usually a relief to me that "tomorrow is another one."

  8. Krista--I like your sayings. We say something similar to your second one, "Good enough for who it's for."

    Also, a friend of mine used to tack on "between the sheets" to the sayings from the fortune cookies. It did make for some funny moments!

  9. The version I've heard is "in the bedroom!"

    Your quote about letting go to make room for the new sure fits how I feel lately. I've even been gathering 38+ years worth of books to take to the library. I am paring down driven by who knows what, but it feels right and this quote just backed it up for me.

  10. Freebird--Wow--38 years worth of books! I hope all your letting go brings some beautiful new gifts to your life.