Well, I Asked for Winter

January 12, 2010

I know those of you in more northern climes are laughing at us Floridians, but, hey, it’s COLD here! We’re not set up for temps in the 20s, 30s and 40s. Our newspaper noted that the temperatures have been up to 25 degrees colder than normal in the past week. My yard is decorated with the most uncoordinated collection of sheets you ever saw in a vain attempt to keep our landscape from dying.

The horses’ water buckets have ice on them:

The birdbath is frozen solid:

  and my tomatoes, well, the less said about them the better.

R.I.P., Better Boy

Is this what winter is like? I’ve lived in either California or Florida all my life, so I have no real experience with cold weather. I admit I’m a weather weenie. I have mostly enjoyed this cold spell, though, bundling up in sweatpants, socks and slippers and curling up under a blanket to watch TV. I can “endure” this cold spell because I know the temperatures will soon be back to normal. Winter in Florida is the reason many people move here, after all. So those of you who are buried in snow, you have my sympathies. Stay warm!

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  1. Hey, that's my yard!

    No, wait, that's just about every yard in the neighborhood - yours, mine, and everyone in between!!

  2. ....you guys must be in shock. It's Florida. It's supposed to be warm. Our friends went down to escape the winter only to find it again. Hope you warm up soon....

  3. Laure, I guess misery loves company...

    Kelly, We don't quite know what hit us! It's supposed to warm up a little this weekend, though.

  4. Yeah, I wouldn't go around asking for winter if I were you. ;) We've been in cold shock for the past week, too. It's awful. Way colder than normal for this area, and I, for one, don't like it. Makes me near desperate for spring...

    Here's hoping your landscape survives intact! Those tomatoes were a sorry sight. :(

  5. Well, the landscape is not looking too good, but my consolation is that no one else's yard looks any better. We'll have to suffer through until the frosts are over and we can prune. Meanwhile, the memorial service for the tomatoes will be this weekend...