Too Much Time On Our Hands?

January 08, 2010

When life becomes stressful or too busy or you're faced with an unpleasant task, sometimes it's fun to do something completely silly to break the tension.  Fortunately, at our barn, we are well supplied with people willing to be silly.  For instance:

In September, our horses begin to grow their winter coats.  That's at least two months, maybe three, before the temperatures and humidity will drop enough for them to need a winter coat.  Riding them in this condition leaves them a sweaty mess, and makes life harder for us and them, so we clip them--a messy and unpleasant task.  (Imagine horse hair in your bra.) This year, two of my friends (Marianne and Mary Ann--I know, it's confusing) helped me clip Tank, and seeking to make the task more enjoyable, Marianne carved a sort of reverse brand onto Tank's rump.  Here it is, somewhat grown out:

Another view:

This started a barn trend, and Jazz received a music note, Moonshadow a crescent moon, and Mary Ann's horse, Frenchy, got this:

Peace out, everyone

Somehow, figuring out how to carve designs on our horses' rumps, and giggling over the process, took clipping out of the realm of chore and into the realm of fun. 

On another occasion, we put aside our Serious and Important Work to throw a horse birthday party.  Tank and Frenchy actually share a birthday, so last year to celebrate, Mary Ann made them both party hats and I made them a horsey birthday cookie. (Oats and carrots and molasses--yum!)

Frenchy eats the cookie

Tank's turn!

Does this hat make me look funny?

So the next time you feel overwhelmed, find something silly to do. (And write and tell me about it!) I guarantee you'll feel better--even if you do have horse hair in your bra.

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  1. Great post and pics! And if you don't mind, I think I'll skip the horse hair in the bra part, but I love the silly part!

  2. Oh, you haven't lived until you've had horse hair in your bra...

  3. I love this story! It's nice to be reminded of how important having a sense of play is.

  4. I agree. I forget far too often--maybe looking back at this post will help remind me!