The Pursuit of Happiness

November 11, 2009

Welcome to Catching Happiness! The Benjamin Franklin quote at left kind of sums things up for me. We may have the right to pursue happiness, but whether or not we catch it is up to us. I’ve had (and still have) the opportunity to pursue happiness—and catch it—and I’d like to share those experiences with others, and encourage them to catch some happiness themselves! Catching happiness doesn’t have to be complicated or hard or expensive. For me, it mostly involves simple pleasures and everyday adventures.

On this blog, I don’t plan to write about controversial issues and modern problems. There are plenty of other people who can do that much better than I. What I hope to do is add a little to the world’s store of positive things: information, beauty, entertainment. (Probably there are people who can do that much better, too, but I’m not going to let that stop me from trying!) I’ll try to balance posts that will help you get to know me, with posts that (hopefully) help you learn something new, make you smile or say, “I didn’t know that.” (You can read more about me in the, fittingly enough, “About Me” section. And please feel free to email me and tell me about you.)

So I invite you to join me on this everyday adventure, pursuing happiness, and, sometimes, catching it.

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  1. Very cool! Welcome to the Blogosphere!

    Forward, onward, upward, to the stars and beyond!!