New Year, New Link Love Volume III

January 27, 2023

Me after watching one too many animal videos online. Photo by Cookie the Pom on Unsplash

This edition of Link Love is kind of a mixed bag, including a little bit of inspiration, a piece to make you think, an article about a well-known figure who died recently. This is one of the strengths of the internet—something for everyone. Hope you enjoy this list of links I’ve loved recently (click on the lighter colored text to visit the link).

Here’s a round up of good news that took place in 2022.

It’s not too late to start: “52 Acts of Kindness: How to Spread Joy in Every Week of 2023.”

When I was a painfully shy teenager, I read Barbara Walters’ book How to Talk with Practically Anybody About Practically Anything. It helped. Since then, I’ve always admired her, and I enjoyed reading this remembrance after her recent death. 

After reading “We need boredom to lead better lives. But social media is destroying it,” I’m picking up my phone less frequently, and I’m planning at least one “internet fast” in 2023. (Click here for “15 Tips to Help You Spend Less Time on Your Phone.”) 

Yet another secret to happiness: a reverse bucket list—similar to my post, “Just (Don’t) Do It.”

I love Stephanie Hayes’ newsletter, and this opinion column in my local paper made me smile.

I want to drive the dog bus!

(Jake looks a lot like my dog, Luna!)

Have a very happy weekend!

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  1. Dear Kathy your post made me smile...especially the column written by Stephanie - yeah I am with her. Yes I am signing up for driving that bus too. See you there :)!! Hugs

    1. We'll take care of those dogs together! Glad you enjoyed the links.

  2. Sketchbook Wandering: I LOVE those animal videos or Reels. The Alaska Doggie Bus totally fascinates me!!!!! And what a lucky little baby to begin life in that world!!! I will check out the links...Have a good day! It's now January 2024!

    1. Rita--I just saw another dog bus video yesterday. They took the dogs out in the snow to play. So cute!