Break Away

September 11, 2020

Photo by Pickawood on Unsplash

“The biggest lies I tell myself are ‘It will just take a minute,” and “I’ll remember that.’

“It’s rare that anything worth doing lasts ‘just a minute’ or that we’ll be finished ‘in a sec’ or that ‘a quick look’ will be enough. We have to break away, turn off, shut down and come back.

“Break away. The work, the dishes, the decluttering, the worries, the to-do lists … they can wait.”
—Courtney Carver

What will you break away from today? What will you do instead?

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  1. So true, again, I so relate and have been learning this. Instead of a dozen things I want to do in a morning I'm learning that one or two are the reality. My other reality is that organizing myself takes time, and it is necessary time.
    What will I break away from? Right now my thoughts are what will I turn to? I will turn to writing a few decorated letters to friends. And that will take time...And it's worth it...And I just did the dishes!!
    What will you break away from, Kathy?

    1. Rita--As a matter of fact, I broke away to spend the morning talking with a friend I haven't seen in person since March. We met at my barn where we could sit outside, and also enjoy watching the barn kittens playing. Very satisfying!

      And, wow, I am learning the same lesson you are! I've been consciously trying to reduce the number of things on my daily to-do list, and leave a margin of time around them so I'm not constantly "failing" at doing everything. My days are much more pleasant when I remember to do this.

      Hope you enjoyed your time "breaking away"!

  2. Now that Kathy is so true. It always takes longer than I plan. Unfortunately I know this but it never seems to change how much I try to get done in the last minute before I leave for work. Definitely need to learn how to choose to break away. Have a great weekend. Hugs!

    1. Debbie--You and me, both. I'm so bad at trying to sneak in one more thing before I leave! Hope you take some time to break away!