You Don’t Have to Change the World

April 12, 2019

Photo by 1AmFcS on Unsplash

“I don’t mean that we should sell ourselves short or be cavalier about our potential or responsibilities. But I do think that, misled by self-critical and self-punishing voices, one can easily misconstrue one’s calling. In thinking we need to Change the World, we may miss opportunities to perform the small yet profound acts of which we’re truly capable.”
—Sarah Juniper Rabkin, What I Learned at Bug Camp

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  1. I recently came across a good related quote, About how we have to create the change in ourselves before even thinking about anything greater. I can't change the world, or other people. But I can make some changes in myself, and grow and learn to be better, one step at a time, and with constant attention...Thanks!

    1. Was it Leo Tolstoy's “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself”?

      One step at a doesn't have to be hard...

  2. Ah Kathy - reminded me of the thought - it all begins with one small candle burning and then another is lit and so on until the dark is gone. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs!