Black Friday Link Love

November 24, 2017

Rather than participate in Black Friday, my husband and I are enjoying a short break from the usual routine, and fighting crowds for bargains doesn’t qualify as “a break” in either of our minds. In case you’re off today and have a little time for some web surfing, here are a few fun and thought-provoking tidbits I’ve found online recently—no lines and no waiting:

I loved Positively Present’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide—there’s something for everyone on this list, and I guarantee you no one will return your gift. 

Doing nothing is harder than you think.

I found “How to Go from Discouraged to Empowered in a Scary World,” by Sandra Pawula at Always Well Within an encouraging read.   

Seth Godin on “Full vs. Enough.”  

Do To-Do lists work for you? If they don’t, you might want to try one of the other types of lists described by Gretchen Rubin in “The Surprising Truth About Why Your To-Do List May Be Failing You.” 

Don’t forget Giving Tuesday next week—it’s a good way to share with others, and in some instances, your donation will be matched. Click here to read about how that works.

I don’t think I’ve shared this before, but even if I have, it’s too good not to share again.

Have a happy Friday, Black or otherwise!

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  1. Dear Kathy - wonderful links friend. I am not a black Friday shopper either. It is just a nice day to stay home and savor the quiet before the world goes crazy. Now I will be checking out those links friend. Hugs!

  2. These are incredible links!! You are such a wonderful resource, thank you. I recently saw a Hallmark movie where one character describes the meaning of life as finding happiness. The 2nd character adds, and giving service. You do both, Kathy, thank you. (The movie is called Christmas Choir, based on a true story.)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Rita. That really is my goal with this blog--adding something beautiful and of value to the world. Hope you enjoyed the links!