How Will You Shape Your Year?

January 04, 2017

“A new year is a gift, a small piece of infinity, to do with as we will. Things happen. We grow (we hope), and we learn willy nilly. Life moves around us, life moves through us to others, and the year gradually accepts its pattern. We give, we take, we resist, we flow. Our reachings, acceptances, rejections, our hesitancies, courage, fears, and our loves, all these form the shape of the year for each of us, as individuals, as part of a family, as a member of a community.”
—Jean Hersey, The Shape of a Year

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  1. A small piece of infinity, huh? We'll see. Here's to making it great!

  2. Ah Kathy there is my perfect word - Hope!! Wonderful quote.

  3. Thanks, Debbie--I'm sure your word is going to pop up everywhere now that you've chosen it...or it's chosen you.