The Horse Days of Summer

August 19, 2016

I complain a lot about the heat and humidity here in central Florida, but if I hadn’t moved here, I wouldn’t have my horse. I think it’s worth it. I board him at a small, family-run barn just a few minutes from my house. One of my simple pleasures is being around all the horses at the barn, enjoying the personalities that emerge. For such large, powerful, and beautiful animals, they can be remarkably silly. Here are some photos of a few of Tank’s friends and neighbors.

Elsa (loves peppermints)
Bella (more than a pretty face)
Sensitive Leo

Remy, playing with the broom

In summer, I ride less and hang out more, and just watching the horses is entertaining. For instance, Tank (right) approaching the geldings’ paddock. Asia pretending he doesn't notice him:

 Asia: “Oh, I didn't see you there. What’s up?”

Tank: “Nothing much, just grazing. Out here. And you’re not.”

Tank: “LOL!”

Asia: [Squeals and stomps his foot]

See what I mean? Silly.

What simple pleasure has this summer brought you?

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