What I Have

May 08, 2015

What is it about human beings that makes us want—oh so much—what we don’t have, while discounting what we do have? I’ve been noticing this about myself lately, especially in relation to traveling. I love to travel, whether it’s a trip to visit family, a week in Georgia, a road trip in New England, or a dream trip to Greece. And due to life circumstances beyond my control, it’s unlikely that I’ll be doing any traveling for a while.  

Which stinks. Big time.


Unless I take this time to notice the simple pleasures and everyday adventures within my reach, the delights that I would miss if I were traveling. After all, I love my home. I love reading, puttering, being with my animals, being with my family. I love sitting at my computer, eating oatmeal and playing Mahjong Titans. I love the way my morning coffee tastes, I love my library and its used bookstore. I love sleeping in my own, very comfortable bed. I love looking at these faces:

If I were traveling, I’d miss these things. Right now, it’s time to appreciate what I have instead of yearning for what I don’t have.

It’s also time to look for ways to infuse my daily life with some of the elements I most enjoy while traveling. There are plenty of things to sketch and take pictures of within driving distance, even walking distance, of my house. There are attractions people come to Florida to see, and when I get tired of that, there are books to whisk me away to foreign shores.

So I’m letting go of the frustrated feeling I’ve been carrying for the past couple of weeks. There will be a time when I can travel again. Until then, I’m going to try not to discount what I have—which is a very happy, interesting, full life.

What do you want that you do not have?

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  1. It is all too easy to overlook all the wealth we have at hand for the hope of seeing that wealth in other lands...and I'm right there with you.

    Field Trip Friday, anyone?!

  2. Laure--Yes! Field Trip Fridays, Artist Dates, etc.!

  3. Kathy, I know what you mean. I do find that when I go out sketching, even close to home, that I start to get the same feeling that I have while traveling away. And I've been appreciating being home, getting to all those things that always sit around waiting. I wasn't able to travel much in the last 2 years, so I did use your philosophy. Having said that, I hope I get to travel a bit more in the next few...Thanks for your reflective post...Enjoy your "home travels"...

  4. Rita--It's so easy to take for granted what is all around us. We both live in beautiful places that others love to visit, so why not enjoy them, right? I hope you do get to travel in future when you want to, and look forward to hearing about it!