This Morning...

March 21, 2014

I hear:   leaves rustling as they drop from the oak trees; a muted radio and the sound of a nail gun popping from a renovation going on nearby; Scout barking; the roar of a leaf blower; a far-off train whistle; the pool filter clicking on; various birds chirping and singing.

I see: sunlight and shadows making patterns on the ground and the surface of the pool; orchid buds opening, Spanish moss lazily blowing; ripples on the pool from the cycling filter; foliage trembling in the breeze.

I feel: mild, damp air; achy back (I’ve been sitting too long); cool metal of the chair arm.

I smell: Cold coffee in my mug; dirt; green and growing things.

I taste: Coffee and biscotti.

The weather has been perfect for sitting outside this week, and I spent some time reading and writing on the lanai this morning. I’m amazed by all the sensory input even when I’m sitting quietly in my back yard!

What did you hear, see, smell, feel and taste today?

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  1. Good for you for taking the time to pay attention. Too often I don't.

  2. Cheryl--You'll notice I write about it when I do it--I all-too-frequently walk through my days oblivious. It's an event when I pay attention, and I want to make it a more common one.

  3. what a lovely time of being present...For me writing & sketching are often a means for me to slow down & observe...Your description is so vivid, sort of 3-D...

  4. Rita--Writing and sketching are great ways to pause and observe. I'm trying to do more of both.