Link Love: Holiday Edition

December 13, 2013

I'm the only ornament this tree needs...

We don’t have as many holiday decorations up this year as usual, partly because I don’t have the energy or desire to decorate the house from top to bottom (I’m wearing shorts and sweating and that’s just not conducive to putting up holly and evergreens), and partly because Prudy thinks we put up the Christmas tree for her private and exclusive use. She treats it like a jungle gym, and climbs to the top daily (not unlike her sister)—and this is without ornaments and lights. So we won’t be displaying our fancy (breakable) ornaments this year or putting the tasseled runner on the mantel (I’m sure she’d pull it and everything else down on top of her). But it’s all good. We’re expecting a cold front, Nick will be home for winter break, and I’m planning a little personal stay-cation from the usual routine after Christmas.

I hope your holiday preparations are running smoothly, and that the weather, whatever it’s doing where you live, isn’t keeping you from enjoying the season. Here is a special holiday edition of Link Love for you to enjoy in between all your activities:

Artist Susan Branch offers free downloadable holiday desktop wallpaper, stationery and other fun stuff (I especially love the bookmarks) here.

Christmas movies can be more than just happy little distractions—many of them, even the cheesiest ones, remind us of lessons worth remembering. Dani at Positively Present reveals some of her favorite movies and their accompanying lessons here.

For the book lovers among us, Belle has some ideas for end-of-the-year book “housekeeping.” 

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? This post lists 50 (!) Christmas traditions for a merry little Christmas. Some of my favorites from this list are listening to Christmas music,  turning out the lights to admire the Christmas tree (well, usually—see above), and making cookies (though I make molasses sugar cookies instead of plain ones).

A very cool thing an airline did for its passengers:

And last but not least, some tips for relieving holiday stress. No matter how hard we try to simplify, it always seems like we need these.

Ho, ho, ho

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  1. Prudy is adorable! We haven't put up a tree for several years, ever since we got Buddy and Buster. And this year, our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson won't be here, so even less reason to put up a tree.

  2. Oh, yes, I've seen that very same self-satisfied glow from the little darlings that live at our house!

    Choosing not to stress over the tree has gone a long way towards making for a better holiday. Luckily, we're not having a big party this year so there won't be a struggle.

  3. Cheryl--I have to admit that putting up a tree is getting to be more chore than enjoyable holiday activity. Watching Prudy in the tree, however, has been quite entertaining!

    Hope you're enjoying getting to know your darling little grandson, and that you all have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Laure--We're not having a big group this year, either, so if we have to go minimalist in decorating, this is the year to do it. It's been a lot of fun watching Prudy in the tree, however. She's great holiday entertainment.