Five Things I Learned in Boston

November 11, 2013

Boston Public Gardens
Nothing will make you feel more like a tourist than an “Old Town Trolley” sticker on your shirt.

Paul Revere had 16 children (by two wives).

George Washington was a Red Sox fan.

That's a Red Sox jersey Mr. Washington is wearing.
The Boston Public Library is the oldest lending library in the U.S. (At least that’s what they say. I think there may be some controversy over this?) It’s certainly one of the most beautiful libraries I’ve seen.

The U.S.S. Constitution (“Old Ironsides”) is the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat. She was built in Boston, and launched in October of 1797. Most of the ship has been restored, but her keel is original. She is occasionally towed out into Boston Harbor for ceremonial events. (Tours are free, given by active duty sailors, and are well worth the time.)

Thank you for patiently reading about “where I went on my vacation.” I’ve wanted to visit New England during leaf peeping season for a long time, and would happily return if given the chance.

Where have you gone that has left a lasting impression on you? Where would you like to go?

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  1. Matty and I had a fantastic time in Boston. I loved walking the Freedom Trail...and eating all the fantastic food in the North End! Your post brought back memories!

  2. Kelly--We ate dinner in the North End the first night we were in Boston--delicious Italian food. How old was Matty when you went to Boston? My son would not have been interested in walking the Freedom Trail, unless it included significant stops for pizza, hot dogs, etc.!

  3. Boston is the nearest big city for those in Maine...I adore Boston...all those universities add so much to a great culture! Did you go to The Museum of Fine Arts? And to Cambridge?

  4. I liked Boston a lot, but we were there such a short period of time that we didn't get to do much exploring. We didn't get to go to either of the places you mentioned. We enjoyed walking around Boston Common, saw the graveyard where some of the Revolutionary War heroes are buried, and greatly enjoyed our tour of the U.S.S. Constitution. So much more to see and do, we'll have to go back.