This and That

September 24, 2012

It’s fall! Can you tell? Our weather still says summer, but that didn't stop us from a this-and-that weekend, here at the Johnson household. My husband and I puttered about the house and yard, together and apart—a relaxing and satisfying way to spend Saturday and Sunday.

Some of the things we did:

I began putting out fall decorations, with this little set of votive candles I just bought. Everything else is in the attic…time to send someone up there to bring the boxes down.

We cleaned our potting bench. My husband has taken up vegetable gardening, so we now share the bench which I had let get into quite a state:


I cleaned and refilled the bird bath and squirrel bird feeders:

Much better
Come and get it!

I found a little friend keeping the orchids bug free:

Scout enjoyed the warmth of the sun:

We admired growing things:

Baby basils
Dendrobium Salaya Candy

There was also a little laundry, a little horse time, a little online puttering (Pinterest, A Bowl Full of Lemons, Blacksburg Belle and more), a little vacuuming, some sports on TV and, of course, some reading.

I'm at my happiest when I'm savoring these little moments, small accomplishments and simple pleasures. I’m grateful I had the time to slow down and enjoy them.

What did you do this weekend?

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  1. What a lovely, relaxing weekend you had!! Ours was not so relaxing...we decided it was past time to tackle some of those really annoying plumbing jobs that have to be done from time to time...drippy faucet, leaky hoses and such.

    Three trips to the hardware store later along with much cleaning, vacuuming, straightening, dumping, throwing out and re-organizing later, and I can now see the top of the washer and dryer. The rugs are all washed and replaced.

    And now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!

  2. Some weekends are like that! But look at what you have to show for your labor. If you're like me, you walk into your newly tidied up area and stare in admiration several times a day. Patting yourself on the back is optional.

  3. This weekend....? More of the never-ending decluttering/cleaning of our home. Amazing how backed up you can get during the week when you are working!! But, we also fit in some fun time - a dinner out, a lunch out, and some winetasting. I guess it was 'balanced'.

  4. Ah - you're inspiring me to organize my potting "area!" Mostly my weekend was organizing inside. And some personal time that involved making (and eating) gluten-free brownies! :)

  5. Claire--what is it with cleaning/decluttering? It just never ends! Glad you were able to do some relaxing as well, though. (Mmm, wine tasting!)

  6. Elizabeth--Sounds like we all did a bit of organizing this weekend. I hope you enjoyed every mouthful of your brownies!

  7. Looks like you accomplished a lot - patting yourself on the back is very much deserved. I did some sewing this weekend, which I always enjoy. Not sure what else - I've already forgotten!