Checking In

August 01, 2011

So how are you? I’ve missed my blog friends these past two weeks, so I thought I’d check in and see how you’re all doing. Me, well, I’m fine but it’s been interesting…

We took our yearly trip to the lake house with one significant change: we brought with us five of our son’s teenage friends…I know, I know, what were we thinking? We had two other adults to supervise along with my husband and myself, so we were only slightly outnumbered.

This year instead of the Clampett Mobile, we had “The Cadillac” and “The Ferrari.”  The kids spent most of the week tooling around on the two personal watercraft, pulling each other on an inner tube or a wake board. When they weren’t playing XBox or watching Comedy Central. Or eating. Other than a yellow jacket attack the first day, all went well—no serious injuries (thank goodness) and everyone is still friends. Even my husband and I.

I’ve been doing some reading (see reading challenge page for updates) and writing (a series of articles for a website that’s about to launch) and I’ve also unfortunately been spending some time at the vet’s office. Scout has been under the weather, and we haven’t quite figured out the whole story. She’s been looking and acting pretty pitiful but she’s on some medication now that I hope will do the trick. There is nothing like the face of a dog who doesn’t feel well. She’s always been pretty healthy so we’re all a bit stressed out right now.

I don't feel so good...
But the sun is shining and the AC is working and life is generally good, despite the occasional hiccup.

How is your summer going?

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  1. Poor puppy—she doesn't look happy at all. On the other hand, the boys look like they're having a blast!

    Glad you lived to tell the tale and everyone had a good time!

  2. Nice to hear your updates. Summer is Whizzing... by!!! I've been busy with family coming and going, and my mother moving into a new condo. As a result I haven't been able to do as much sketching/painting as I'd like. But, hopefully I'll get back in the rhythm soon. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  3. I like teenagers myself but for a whole week would be a bit daunting. Mostly I'd be worried about one getting hurt or the noise level of 5 boys!

    I sure hope your dog gets better. He is looking pitiful in that photo but hopefully he's smiling again by now!

  4. Laure--The boys DID have a wonderful time...and the doggy is feeling better! All is right in my world...

  5. Claire--Sounds like you've been quite busy, too. Hope you get more time for sketching, and that the rest of your summer is a good one!

  6. Timaree--I was worried about the noise and chaos but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. We had a large enough house that we weren't on top of each other. And believe me, I was very relieved to come home with everone in one piece! And yes, the dog is feeling much better, thank you!

  7. Glad the dog is better - she really does look pitiful in the picture. 5 teenage boys - you're braver than I am!! Glad it went well. And welcome home - good to see your post.

    My summer is basically HOT! We've had 40 days in a row with temps over 100 - and no end in sight! It was really hard to come home from Colorado a couple of weeks ago - I really want to go back where it's cool!!!! But our AC is working well, so I just need to spend more time inside.

  8. I enjoyed your update and I'm glad to hear that your puppy is feeling better.

  9. Cheryl--Yup, hot is how I'd describe the summer so far! My friend Kerri and I just returned from Savannah and it was over 100 every day. I don't think I've ever sweated that much!

  10. Adine--Good to hear from you and thanks for the good wishes for our dog. She's doing great--yay!