'Tis the Season

December 20, 2010

...for making merry and making memories. As I write this, our Christmas tree flickers and glows in the corner of the family room. Presents are starting to appear beneath it, and plans are being made for a family get together at our house this weekend. We have a few traditions we observe every year: the baking of molasses sugar cookies, watching A Christmas Story on TV, gag gifts in the Christmas stockings, a fire in the fireplace on Christmas day, even if we have to run the air conditioning!

What are your favorite holiday traditions? Do they involve special foods, or the scents of pine, balsam or simmering spiced cider? Are you planning a new tradition this year? Whatever your holiday plans, make sure you take time to recall memories from the past—and create new ones—this holiday season.

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  1. My sister is in town and this year we hope to all spend more time together--last year was miserable with snowstorm after snowstorm and having to celebrate Christmas after the actual day. We always go to a really good Italian restaurant after the holiday, which I always look forward to as they have the best food! I see your pile of books below and have to mention Margery Allingham is great and I love Albert Campion--one of the quirkiest characters I've come across. I plan on reading more of Allingham's mysteries next year. Have a really great Holiday!

  2. Danielle--Thank you! I hope you and your sister have a great time together--and an awesome Italian feast. Is she a big reader too?

    I love quirky characters, so am really looking forward to Campion. I am waiting until Jan. 1 to start, so I'm trying to finish off a few other books I've got going in the meantime.