Procrastination, Thy Name is Kathy

April 29, 2010

I’m supposed to be completing an article that is due in two days and to avoid doing it, I’m procrastinating big time. So far today during the time I previously scheduled to complete this article, I’ve:
  • Gotten down on my knees to snuggle my dog
  • Taken something to the mailbox and brought in the morning paper and recycling bins
  • Refilled my half-full coffee cup
  • Looked at Jack Russell Terrier puppy pictures online
  • Read emails
  • Read blogs and commented on them
  • Started writing this blog post!
What is wrong with me?

I like writing. Really, I do. So why, when it comes right down to it, do I avoid it so determinedly? Is it the rebel in me saying, “No, I don’t want to do what you want when you want it?” Am I afraid? Am I lazy? Is it a little of all of those things? Probably. My job now is to overcome all those pesky little distractions and insecurities and FINISH THE ARTICLE.

OK. Talk to you later. But first, maybe I should get to that laundry...

I require a great deal of snuggling.
And aren't you glad she didn't put a picture of laundry here?

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  1. I started laughing as soon as I read the headline!!! Too funny!

    You don't own the market on procrastination though. I think there's some of that in all of us!

  2. I didn't think I was alone in procrastinating, but I didn't know I was quite so adept at it! And before anyone asks, I am finished with the article except for the final proofreading and tweaking.

  3. Well if it's name is Kathy why does it invade my life so constantly????? I'm right there with ya sista. Congrats on finishing the article. That seemes to be my goal ..... to finish .... anything, my book, the laundry, the dishes.

  4. Ha! Sorry to invade your life... Is it really possible to FINISH laundry, anyway? There always seems to be more, more, more.

  5. Yay for finishing! That can be so frustrating. Obviously, you already know how to "write to deadline," so maybe you didn't need that course anyway. (I'd so love the friendly company if you decide to join in, but I say do whatever is best for you in all circumstances. In fact, I weirdly believe that whatever decision you make will work out to be for the best for you in all cases.)

    I think I'm going to start saying "Kathy" now whenever I mean procrastination, just for fun. It sounds much less daunting. "Oh, I'm just struggling with a bit of Kathy lately -- nothing an uninterrupted morning at the keyboard with some good coffee can't cure." ;)

  6. Ha! Glad to be of service.

    I didn't end up signing up for the workshop... I don't think I am making excuses when I say it didn't feel like exactly the right fit. I hope to hear from you how it's going. And do I understand correctly that I will be able to read the posts on her blog, even if I'm not part of the class?

  7. Oh, I know that feeling.. that exact feeling! I have an article due to a local newspaper in two days (I'm not kidding) and all I've done is think about it (do I get any points for that?). I've had a reminder note on my kitchen table to remind me to write the article since the weekend.... and have blissfully ignored it so far to work in the garden every day!

  8. Oh, yes, you get points for thinking about it. Sometimes you get most of your article written in your mind first. At least it sometimes works that way!