After the Rain

March 02, 2010

I woke up to the delicious, patter-y sound of rain this morning—half an hour before my alarm was set to go off. Instead of feeling cheated of that last half hour of sleep, I curled up under my warm covers and listened to the sounds of raindrops falling on our roof and shrubs, and the distant booming of thunder. I imagined my tomato plants, purchased yesterday, drinking up the rainwater, and the purple and orange violas that were an impulse buy, lifting their tiny faces to the drops. I wished that my orchids were out in the rain, but they’ve been hanging out inside recently because of the cold (pampered creatures). I imagined our frost-bitten grass and all the recently-pruned landscape plants thirstily drinking in the rain. Rainwater seems like it would be so much tastier to plants than our city water is—I can’t drink the water from the tap without filtering it first!

Now the rain has stopped, but the wind has picked up. Our oak trees’ beards of Spanish moss flutter in the breeze. Pollen counts have been really high recently, driving the allergic among us (including our dog) into fits, and the rain has washed the yellow pollen off driveways and mailboxes.

The air is bright and clean today—and I feel the same. Yesterday was a difficult day. But instead of flying off the handle emotionally, I allowed myself to feel my emotions without stifling them, to realize that the issues in question were not necessarily my issues, and that I didn’t have to take on the burdens other people were bearing. I have my own burdens, of course, but they’re wearing lightly on me at the moment. It’s OK for me to enjoy my life, to find fulfillment and satisfaction in my work and play. I can let the rain and storm go on around me while I stay cozy beneath my covers. After the rain, the natural world emerges renewed—and so can I.

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  1. Beautiful post, Kathy, and you are so wise to not take on another person's issues (a lesson I ought to have learned by now, but seem to keep needing reminders lest I forget). I'm longing for your pollen-filled days, and those rains with thunder... and I had no idea you lived among the bearded trees. (I'm now jealous. I love Spanish Moss!) It was wonderful to read of the Earth's and your renewal. :)

  2. Interesting reflection - gives me some things to think about. Love your photos and written images!

  3. Glad to hear the rains washed away the last bit of strain from your soul. Good for you for letting the storm rage around you and NOT in you.

    I too woke up early to listen to the rains - something very soothing about rains at this time of year!

  4. Meredith: Like most people, I find that others' moods and attitudes strongly influence my own. It sometimes can be a real battle not to get sucked in! Someone once told me, "Just because someone throws it at you, doesn't mean you have to catch it." I try to remember that!

  5. Thank, you Claire! I had fun taking the pictures to illustrate my post. I've been enjoying what you share from our beach class on your blog--I've only been brave enough to post one of the images on here!

  6. Laure: I really do love the sound of rain, and of wind, too. I find rain soothing, and wind exhilarating! I loved the windy day we had yesterday--it fully swept away any remaining "soul fog."