25th Anniversary

That's a Quarter of a Century

January 18, 2013

Yesterday I started my day with a workout, then cleaned our master bath and went grocery shopping. It sounds like an average Thursday—and it was, except for the fact that it was our 25th wedding anniversary.

My husband and I celebrated the day by exchanging cards and small gifts, then going to see Les Miserables, a movie we’ve looked forward to since we first saw the trailer months ago. Does that sound unromantic? I admit it’s not a trip to a bed-and-breakfast complete with champagne and chocolates, but we’ve done our fair share of that. After 25 years, we’ve learned that romance is wonderful but it’s not the only thing that keeps a marriage strong. Being honest about needs and wants, putting in the time and effort to keep a home running and income flowing, working together as well as playing together—these things, unromantic as they are, hold a marriage together over the course of a lifetime.  Romance is only the beginning. Marriage is acting loving when you’re not feeling that way, forgiving when you don’t think you can, and finding someone who is willing to do the same for you. Just like happiness is not just about “happy” events.

My husband and I have built a life, a family, a home together, and that’s worth celebrating in small and large ways. Yesterday we celebrated in small ways—with flowers and chocolates and a movie. Later this year, we’re planning a just-the-two-of-us trip (when we finally decide where we want to go) where we’ll have a little more time for romance. I’m looking forward to it.

So, so young...